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If you have ideas that you want to make real, but you need others to process them - you need to talk to think - this is the place for you!

Why So, do it!?

In my senior year in college, my Psych prof wrote So, do it! on my term paper (that's his writing to the left) ... and I did. 

I walked across campus joined a dance class and in a matter of weeks, no more business classes and I was dancing with a semi-pro jazz company. That simple statement and had changed the entire trajectory of my life! 

Now it's your turn! What's that thing you think of when I say SO, DO IT! Your IT? 

It's burning a hole in your brain, in your heart, or on your wanna-do-list.  

Like Dr. Reed said "So, do IT!"

I'm Kelly, (if you want to know a little bit more about me, click HEREBut right now, we need to start doing IT! 

Join the Society - that's the first step.

Breathe life into your ideas, and create breathing space in your life.

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